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           福樂維反芻營養專家敖長金/Fuwish’s Ruminant Nutrition Expert Ao Changjin
      Ao Changjin has a doctorate in animal nutrition and is a second-grade professor and doctoral supervisor at Inner Mongolia Agricultural University.He mainly undertakes the teaching of courses and special topics,like Animal Nutrition for undergraduates,Research Methods in Animal Nutrition for master’s degree candidates,and Animal Nutrition and Quality of Livestock Products.As of January 2019,he had presided over and completed five projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China,one project organized by the 973 Program,two sub-projects of the National Key Technology Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology,one subproject of the National Dairy Industry and Technology System,and two state education reform projects.He had published over 260 papers,including 20 SCI and EI papers,acted as the editor-in-chief of two monographs,the associate editor-in-chief of one textbook,and a member of the editorial board of one textbook,and translated one book.He had won the First Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievements in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region twice,and one Second Prize of National Teaching Achievements,and obtained six national patents for invention.

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