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      Ten years ago,we expressed our ambition with lines“On this boundless land,who rules over man's destiny?”and“Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron.With firm strides we are crossing its summit”and resolved to“be China's top-notch comprehensive agricultural high-tech enterprise by serving husbandry and safeguarding human health,driving enterprise development with technological innovation and product innovation,and becoming a domestic professional vitamin provider”.
      Today,after our constant expansion and in-depth cooperation with global leading feed additive equipment provider Bühlergroup and institutions of higher education like China Agricultural University,our overall ability to conduct researches,manufacture products and offer comprehensive services is improved.Just because of the active participation and exploration in such professional fields,Fuwish obtained honors and certifications issued by national ministries and commissions,as well as authorities.Meanwhile,those efforts mirrored Fuwish’s core values of“cooperation,dedication and building dreams”.
      During the past decade plus,Fuwish suffered hardship in the start-up stage,rejoiced at the listing on the New Third Board,and found solace in customers’recognition.It was the encourage and support from our vast customers,counterparts,and all walks of life that made our every progress and success possible..Looking further ahead,Fuwish will earnestly fulfill the solemn promise of repaying customers and the society with greater courage and determination for their trust.
      The road ahead will be long.And the climb will be steep.Fuwish still has a long way to go and many unfinished causes to fight for.There remain many technical difficulties in China husbandry that need to be tackled by combined efforts of us and our vast counterparts.Fuwish will always bear this sacred mission in mind,and on the road to product specialization and cooperation,“forge ahead despite great hardships”!

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