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Here you can find hundreds of golf articles pertaining to golf information, golf courses, golf tournaments, professional golfers, critical golf news, golf equipment reviews, gold swing analysis and much more. All articles related to golf will be updated every couple of days, so return to find interesting articles about the game of golf!!.

Elements Of A Golf Swing

There are some basic elements of the golf swing that the golfer should use as a mental checklist when taking a shot. The first element is the body's alignment toward the target. Stand five to ten feet behind the ball, with the ball directly between your body and ...full article »

The History of Golf Balls

In the game of golf, golf balls are struck by clubs with the objective of putting the ball in a hole in as few strokes (shots) as possible. At the beginning of each hole, a ball may be placed upon a tee to steady the ball and help the golfer achieve more loft on his shot. ...full article »

Controlling Pitches After They Hit

One way to chop strokes off your golf handicap quickly is to improve your pitching. The closer you land the ball to the pin on a pitch, the easier your putt. To improve your pitching, you first must learn to hit all your wedges. ...full article »

Power Over Easy

Average size players like Sergio Garcia and Annika Sorenstam prove that you don't have to be a giant to hit the ball long. To hit the ball long like Sergio and Annika, you'll probably have to change your mind-set a little and make some minor adjustments ...full article »

Beating Trouble Times - Five Golf Tips

Golf is a crazy game at times. Sometimes you hit bad shots and land in good positions. Other times you hit good shots and land in bad positions. Golf lessons don’t prepare you for this. It’s the good shots ending up in bad positions that really frustrate you. ...full article »

PGA Championship Features Big Pay Out

It’s hard to believe but the 92nd PGA Championship is already here. Running from August 9 to August 15, the tournament is being held at Whistling Straights, Kohler, Wisconsin, which was ranked #3 in 2009 list of top courses by Golf Magazine. ...full article »

Spin Control Slashes Golf Handicaps

Here's a golf tip that's proven effective more times than not: If you want to cut strokes from your golf handicap, learn to hit shots that hit the green and stick. That's right. Learn to hit shots that stick. ...full article »

Trusting Your Swing Cuts Golf Handicaps

Concentrating on your mechanics while swinging usually leads to disaster. Thinking about how to hold your hands, make a good shoulder turn, or execute one of the other golf tips we pick up from magazines, newsletters, or golf lessons leads to topped shots ...full article »

Four Mid-Round Fixes Save Shots

We all have days when it feels like you never played golf before or had golf lessons. Even the pros have them. Look at what's happened to Tiger Woods since he's returned from his hiatus. He hasn't played well since coming back. ...full article »

Let Your Lie Dictate The Shot

Golf is a thinking man's game. Ask veteran players with low golf handicaps what they think about golf and they'll probably agree with the preceding statement. Like many thinking men's games, such as chess, staying two or three strokes ...full article »

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