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Here you can find hundreds of golf articles pertaining to golf information, golf courses, golf tournaments, professional golfers, critical golf news, golf equipment reviews, gold swing analysis and much more. All articles related to golf will be updated every couple of days, so return to find interesting articles about the game of golf!!.

Set Up For Solid Ballstriking

Many weekend players don't take setting up for a shot seriously. They take their stance and swing away. That's asking for trouble. As we often tell students in golf instruction sessions, everything starts with your setup. ...full article »

Tips To Get Out Of The Sand Everytime

Most players dread landing in a bunker. The idea of taking two or three shots to get out isn't pleasant. Thus, sand shots tend to intimidate golfers—even those with low golf handicaps. But sand shots are often easier than they look. ...full article »

Erase An Erratic Shot Pattern

We see it all the time. A golfer walks up to the ball, takes a quick practice swing, and then hits the ball. The golfer took her practice swing or swings without having a purpose in mind. That's too bad. ...full article »

Straighten Up Your Snap Hook

Making good pitch shots is critical to going low. Landing it close from within 100 yards turns three shots into two and a bogey into a par. But hitting a good pitch shot is easier said than done. These shots are hard when you're in the fairway. ...full article »

The Laws Of The Golf Swing

Make no mistake about it. The golf swing is all about geometry. The body’s lines, angles, and arcs and the club must all align to produce solid, consistent results. The quality of this relationship, among the most basic in golf, determines the ...full article »

Nail Your Address to Improve Ballstriking

If your ballstriking is off, you may be thinking about changing your swing. Swing changes take time and work, so before doing it re-examine your swing one more time. For starters check your setup. It determines how well you swing the club. ...full article »

Taking Your Game To The Next Level

Hitting good pitches shots shaves strokes off your score. It also helps lower your golf handicap. Good pitch shots can help you save par when your chances of doing so are slim. Players adept at hitting pitch shots can save hundreds of strokes over ...full article »

Finding A New Putter

Many times when golfers are putting poorly, they will look to their equipment. Whether or not that is the cause of the problem is doubtful. It is more likely the golfers lack of belief in the putter than it is the club itself. ...full article »

Putting From Off The Green

Most golf courses that I have played have had little rough around the greens. Many courses use the same machines for cutting areas around the greens as they do the fairway. The reason is obvious. Could you imagine playing behind ...full article »

The Last Putting Tip You Will Ever Need

I am talking about Target Putting. I believe in it with fiber of my being and I know that it will help you putt better and get more enjoyment out of your next round of golf. I made the discovery by accident while ...full article »

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