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Here you can find hundreds of golf articles pertaining to golf information, golf courses, golf tournaments, professional golfers, critical golf news, golf equipment reviews, gold swing analysis and much more. All articles related to golf will be updated every couple of days, so return to find interesting articles about the game of golf!!.

Proper Stance for Perfect Putts

Only the newest recruit to the game of golf has any excuse to be a bad putter. Putting is one of the easiest parts of golf to practice. You don't have to wait until you're on the green; you can do it in the office or the lounge room without hurting anything ...full article »

Choosing the Proper Golf Club

There are many different types of clubs, so how does the beginner know which club to choose? Here are some basic hints that should set you right. Golf clubs have different uses throughout your golfing game. One of the most popular golf clubs ...full article »

Correcting Common Swing Mistakes

One of the most common swing mistakes for the amateur golfer is the slice, an unwelcome shot that creates much side-spin on the ball causing it to cut hard to the side. It is a frustrated golfer who plays a slice and he will find it very hard to ...full article »

How to Improve Contact With Your Golf Ball

Contact is one of the most important parts of your golfing action. Without contact, you miss the ball and there is no golf played. Or worse, your stroke score rises steeply. You must also get good contact to achieve driving distance in your long shots ...full article »

The Mental Game of Golf

Playing golf should be an enjoyable experience, so if you find yourself losing your temper when you make a bad shot, what can you do about it? One thing that might help is to practice acceptance ...full article »

How To Keep Score In The Game of Golf

Talk about eagles, birdies pars may make beginners scratch their heads, but keeping score in golf is really quite simple. It's a matter of counting your whacks – whether they actually connect with the ball or not. Every time you strike ...full article »

Tips for Uphill and Downhill Swings

When you must play on a slope you'll find normal stance a bit more difficult to achieve. There are several adjustments you can make to ensure that you lay these shot well and maybe you'll find that you even save a stroke here and there ...full article »

How to Get Out of the Bunker

Correct posture in the bunker is important because it will help you to make a good shot and recover some lost ground. The first thing to do is twist your feet into the sand until you feel hardness underneath. A fat shot will be the result ...full article »

Tips for Golfing on a Windy Day

The weather won't always be perfect when you play golf, so if it's windy, think of it as a challenge. One of the most challenging will be when you have to play in a crosswind. A crosswind will not only magnify any spin, but it will ...full article »

Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain

If you were a playing golf in Scotland in the 15th century and it rained, you could expect your ball to quickly disintegrate into a mess of boiled goose feathers. Balls these days don't disintegrate when they get wet, but playing in the rain still has its ...full article »

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