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Quick Golf Tips To Improve Your Game

These quick golf tips can help hone your golf swing, get more distance off the tee, hit your irons with more consistency, shoot lower scores and even fix that troublesome slice. Our team of golf instructors is committed to helping you play better golf - and get more enjoyment out of the game.

Swing Smoother For Straighter Shots

If you're struggling to find the fairway, there may be a simple explanation. Your swing may be too short and too quick. Sometimes, short quick swings throw off tempo and pace. Anytime you do that, you're likely to hit a bad shot ... full article »

Generate More Power With Knee Coil

A lack of distance puts pressure on your game. So while it's better to be short in the fairway than long in the rough, it's okay to try swing techniques that help generate more power. But be careful which techniques you try ... full article »

Turn Your Stance Into A Launching Pad

Generally speaking, accuracy is better than distance. It's better to be 20 yards shorter on the fairway, than 20 yards longer in deep rough. But sometimes you really need to bomb one off the tee ... full article »

Stop Pushing And Pulling Putts Forever

A bad day with the flat stick can cost you strokes and can turn a good day on the course into a not so good day. Pushing or pulling short easy putts is heartbreaking. It can also undermine your confidence. Sometimes, you just need ... full article »

Conquering Short Uphill Chips

Short uphill chips are tricky shots for some weekend players. If you watched this year's Masters on TV, you saw plenty of these shots. You also saw several methods of playing them, from putting to chipping with a fairway wood ... full article »

Hitting From Pine Straw Like Phil

If you saw the Masters on TV, you might have seen Phil Mickelson's extraordinary shot from the pine straw. Lee Westwood hit a shot from there as well. So did Tiger Woods. Hitting from pine straw is tricky. It's slippery, so you have to watch ... full article »

Hitting Longer Clubs From Fairway Sand

Playing from a fairway bunker can be tough for people who are not long hitters. These players need to play long par 5s and par 4s carefully. A weak shot from fairway sand can take you right out of the hole and cost you strokes in the process ... full article »

Simple Drill Cures Slice And Adds Power

Many golfers hit weak slices off the tee because they turn their upper and lower bodies in unison during the downswing. That's not good. Your downswing isn't a single movement but a chain of events: You move your lower body first ... full article »

Get Down For A Ball Below Your Feet

A bad drive usually gets you into more trouble than you need. Sometimes, it lands in a clump of trees. Other times, it lands on the side of a hill, leaving you with a mid-iron approach shot to the green and the ball below your feet ... full article »

Stop Duffing Chip Shots

Duffing a chip is also frustrating. Duffed chips costs golfers more strokes than you can shake a stick at. Imagine being just off the green, with a chance to knock it home and save par, and you duff the chip shot. If that doesn't get you down, nothing will ... full article »

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