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Quick Golf Tips To Improve Your Game

These quick golf tips can help hone your golf swing, get more distance off the tee, hit your irons with more consistency, shoot lower scores and even fix that troublesome slice. Our team of golf instructors is committed to helping you play better golf - and get more enjoyment out of the game.

Pinpoint Your Aim For Increased Accuracy

Many golfers use the imaginary line between tee markers to align their drives. Usually, that's right on target, but not always. Tee boxes can fool you. They don't always point to the best spot on the fairway to hit your ball. In fact, some tee ... full article »

Stop Overturning For Straighter Drives

Everyone knows a big turn produces power. More power generally translates to better approach shots when team with good accuracy. But you must avoid overswinging when trying to generate more power. That spells trouble. Overturning ... full article »

Use Practice Swings Wisely

We see it all the time. A golfer walks up to the ball, takes a quick practice swing, and then hits the ball. The golfer took her practice swing or swings without having a purpose in mind. That's too bad. By taking her practice swing for granted ... full article »

Master This Pitch Shot To Go Low

Making good pitch shots is critical to going low. Landing it close from within 100 yards turns three shots into two and a bogey into a par. But hitting a good pitch shot is easier said than done. These shots are hard when you're in the fairway. ... full article »

Drain It From The Fringe

Sinking putts is hard enough without adding more complications to the mix. Golfers must adjust to not only various types of grass, but also different green speeds, to name just a few obstacles in putting. So when your ball lands so close to the fringe ... full article »

Taming The Rough

It isn't always your swing that causes bad shots. Sometimes, it's the decisions you make--such as when your tee shot lands in the rough. Say you're about 200 yards from the green. You know you can reach it from there with your 3-wood ... full article »

Maxing Out The Driver

When you fail to hit par 4s in two, you put a lot of pressure on your short game. So your goal off the tee should always be to hit good tee shots. One cause for inconsistency off the tee is swinging your driver like an iron. It causes ... full article »

A Quick Putting Warmup

How many times have you gotten to the course with just a few minutes left til your tee time. You rush into pay, then if your lucky over to the range to hit a few balls. Maybe, you go to the green for about two minutes, then race off to the tee. ... full article »

In Putting, Speed And Break Are Inseparable

As I frequently say, in putting speed is king. In reality, you cannot properly judge the line of the putt unless the speed you intend to hit it has already been determined. How may times have you watched a guy putting ... full article »

Line Up Your Golf Ball To Putt

As simple and obvious thing as it is to do, I still see most average players fail to line up their ball. I don't care if you you use the brand name or make a line on it, if you don't have your ball lined up you are putting blind. ... full article »

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